Improving Patient Care


Targeting populations for diabetes prevention

Targeting populations hurdles barriers in diabetes prevention

Physicians must adopt a population health approach to the practice of medicine in order to manage risk in this unstable health care market. This ACO’s integrated, community-based approach to helping their patients with diabetes and prediabetes has reaped rewards and can serve as a model.

Home-monitoring effort helps thousands get BP under control

Home blood pressure monitoring is a critical complement to care provided during regular office visits. A major Texas health system's pilot program targeting 2,550 adults with uncontrolled BP and a history of persistently uncontrolled hypertension was able to achieve hypertension control for 79 percent of the patients, with 67 percent achieving BP control by the third office visit. Find out how.

“Nudge theory” explored to boost medication adherence

University of Michigan physicians emphasize prevention in fighting the opioid epidemic that includes prescribing fewer pain pills after surgery.

Physician-led effort slashes post-surgical opioid Rx by 63%

Major players work to tackle BP's biggest challenge

Amid an epidemic, these physicians are taking action

More than 300 organizations honored for BP-control efforts

Boosting medication adherence

A game plan for medication adherence starts with building trust

Patient registry pilot eases diabetes prevention in practice

Pediatric primary care could be key to solving teen opioid crisis

Oak Park, Illinois, practice that successfully manages type 2 diabetes

Try this streamlined approach for managing diabetes

To understand patient health priorities, ask: "What matters to you?"

Smart approach improves outcomes for black, Hispanic patients

New BP guideline: 5 things physicians should know